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Services interactions

A simple schema which only displays direct interactions with all databases, RMQ, external APIs, etc.

flowchart EPH[engine-pbehavior] MDB[(MongoDB)] RMQ[(RabbitMQ)] TDB[(TimescaleDB)] R[(Redis)] EPH ---|fetch pbehaviors| MDB EPH ---|store computer pbehavior intervals| R EPH ---|receive/send events| RMQ EPH ---|store metrics| TDB

Detailed schemas

The following schemas display flows of events by each use-case of business logic.

Create/update/remove a pbehavior.

flowchart A[API] EF[engine-fifo] EPH[engine-pbehavior] R[(Redis)] A -.->|1 . Compute event| EPH EPH -.->|2 . Update computed intervals| R EPH -- 3 . Pbhenter/pbhleave events --> EF

Update alarms in periodical process

flowchart EF[engine-fifo] EPH[engine-pbehavior] R[(Redis)] EPH -.->|1 . Update computed intervals| R EPH -- 2 . Pbhenter/pbhleave events --> EF


See engine-action.

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